Why You Should Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you have suffered a minor injury, your employer admits the injury is job-related and you missed little to no work, you may not need a workers’ compensation attorney, especially if your medical care was approved and paid for immediately. If this is not the case, you may consider investigating workers compensation lawyers Oregon to find and hire a reputable attorney to help you with your claim.

Claim Evaluation and Denial

Whether the insurance company is cooperating with you or not, you may want a workers’ compensation lawyer to review your claim. Because they are familiar with these laws and types of cases, they can determine immediately if you are receiving all the benefits you should be. They can also guide you on what will make your case stronger.

If your claim is outright denied, you can appeal the decision, but an attorney will make your appeal stronger. Valid claims are often rejected because these companies don’t expect claimants to appeal the decision, and those who don’t hire attorneys don’t typically appeal their claims.

Insufficient Settlement

Individuals without attorneys don’t often receive settlement offers, and those that do receive offers that are one-quarter of the amount of those with legal counsel. A workers’ compensation judge may offer you a higher settlement, but unless the settlement is ridiculously unfair, they may not rule in your favor and provide you with a higher settlement.

An attorney can negotiate your settlement. Their job is to protect you and ensure that you receive the settlement that you need to pay for your medical treatment and lost wages. They may also receive money for new training or long-term care.

Third-Party Liability

Because of their investigative capacities, workers’ compensation attorneys are able to determine if anyone else was liable for your injury. If a third party is found liable, your attorney can also file a claim against them.  

If you are fighting a workers’ compensation claim and can’t get the help you need, consider hiring a workers’ compensation attorney.