Retaining Legal Help for Immigration Issues

The laws regarding immigration into the country continue to evolve and change each year. The laws that were in place last year no longer may apply to your case this year. You may be at a loss of what is expected of you and what your options are for staying in the country.

Rather than risk deportation, you might want to hire a lawyer who can explain to you what laws pertain to your case. You can get assistance with work visas, student visas, and eb1c requirements by contacting the law firm today.

Review of Your Personal Circumstances

When it comes to applying the law across the board to immigrants, lawyers often find that the circumstances of the case do not necessarily apply perfectly to what is prescribed by Congress or the courts. Your own personal circumstances may be so unique that the law cannot be applied 100 percent to them.

Because of the special aspects of your stay in the country, you may need a lawyer to look at your personal case and determine if and how the law can be applied to it. You may need an extension for filing for a new visa, for example, or your current visa could be extended because of facts surrounding your circumstances. Without a lawyer’s help, you may find it difficult to explain to the immigration officials why you need more time.

Gaining Permanent Residency

When your goal is to stay in the country indefinitely, you may need a lawyer to help you pursue a path to legal citizenship. Again, the laws for gaining citizenship constantly change. The length of time that it takes to become a legal citizenship also may have become lengthier since your arrival in the country.

You can find out what is expected of you and what you need to do right now to pursue the path to taking the oath of citizenship. You may need to study for and take a test, for example. You also may need to find a job. Your lawyer can explain how to satisfy these terms.