How To Get Released From an Immigration Detention Facility

If you or a loved one has been detained in an immigration detention facility, your primary concern is probably getting out of detention. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help you or your loved one obtain release.

Pay for an Immigration Bond

An immigration bond Stroudsburg PA, is an amount of money set by ICE that can be paid to release someone from a detention center. It works similarly to bail. The bond is a promise that the person being released from detention will appear for all of their immigration court hearings. If the detainee shows up for all of his court hearings and abides by the judge’s orders, then the money is returned to the detainee; if not, the bond is forfeited.

Some people, such as those with a criminal record, are not eligible for a bond and must remain in the detention center until the judge makes a ruling. However, if you are told that no bond has been set, it may be worthwhile to ask whether the detainee is ineligible for bond, or if the bond has not been set yet.

Speak With an Immigration Lawyer

An immigration lawyer can help you determine whether it is better to seek release or remain in detention until the hearing. It is usually better to attempt to obtain release, but court proceedings usually happen faster for people who remain in detention, so there may be circumstances where a faster court date is preferable to a faster release. An immigration lawyer can also file a challenge if an immigration bond is denied or set at an amount that the detainee can not afford to pay.

If you or a loved one is facing deportation and have been detained in an immigration detention facility, it is important to take the right steps to secure release. An immigration lawyer can help guide you through the process.