2 Ways To Pay Bail

When someone is arrested it is likely that they will have to post bail before they can be released to go home and wait for their court date. Bail has nothing to do with whether or not someone is guilty or innocent, that is what will be decided during the trial. Bail is decided by the judge based on several different factors, the nature of the crime of which the person is being accused if they have ever been arrested before, the likelihood that they will show up for their court dates and things like that. Should you or someone you care about end up in jail with a bail to pay, you will want to know just how you can do that.

1. Bail Bond

Using a bail bondsman is a popular way to pay bail as it doesn’t require you to pay the amount in full. Oftentimes bail is set too high and it’s impossible for an individual to pay it out of pocket. Instead, they can find bail bonds near me Allentown PA and pay a percentage of their bail. The bondsman will then post the entirety of the bail to the courts and get the person released. As long as you show up to your required court dates you won’t own the bondsman anymore, as they will get their money back. But if you don’t show up, they won’t be refunded and they will expect you to pay in full with either cash or collateral. 

2. Cash

You can also pay bail in cash. This just means that you pay the entire amount in full up front, before being released. Then, after you’ve shown up for all of your court dates, you’ll get your money back except for any court fees. This will probably only be possible if bail happens to be set at a very low amount.

While there are currently debates going on about the morality of the bail system and things may change in the future, rest assured that if you happen to be arrested, there is a way to post your bail.