Answer To Questions Employers Have After Workplace Injuries

No matter how safe and secure you make the workplace for your employers, it only takes a moment of broken concentration by one employee to result in physical bodily damage and injury to another employee. As with all workplace accidents, this one must be reported to the proper authorities, and then the waiting game begins. While you wait to see what the results of the accident will be, here are some answers that all employers have after workplace injuries.

1. Can you ask for evidence that the injured party can return to work?

Yes. Even if a physician submits signed approval allowing the employee to return to work, if you see problems with the employee’s performance and have doubts about work execution, you can request further evidence. Any information, studies, or testing must be done at your own expense, and not that of the insurance or employee.

2. What if the employee can return to work, but can’t do the same job?

This can be a difficult situation for both of you, but the employee must be employed in a suitable position upon return to the job site. That is only applicable if you employ six or more employees. However, be careful you follow the law, or you may run into the sights of an Oregon workers compensation attorney your employee contacted.

3. Can you discipline the injured employee if he or she misses work because of the injury?

No. If the employee has trouble getting back to work full time but is trying, and if the claim for workers’ compensation is still compensable, you may want to be careful about any discipline regarding the injured individual that is trying to get back into the work field. You have no idea how much pain or physical damage he or she is still dealing with that results in absences.

When dealing with an injured employee, compassion is always the best option when it comes to getting the employee back to work. If you have any questions, contact your representative or attorney.

Getting More from a Workers Comp Claim

If you have been injured at work, then you might be trying to put in a claim through your company’s insurance. While these types of claims are commonplace, insurance agencies are not always easy to deal with. To prove your claim is legitimate, you might need to take a few steps in advance. Take a look at these suggestions to make the right decisions and see the best results from this experience.

Immediate Action

The worst thing you can do after an accident in the workplace is wait to report or document it. The moment you receive an injury, you need to report the incident to the proper supervisors. When a claim comes in later than an injury occurred, it is often a red flag for insurance agencies. Document and report everything immediately to see the best results.

Legal Assistance

There also might be a need to bring a legal expert into the mix. Hiring a workers compensation attorney Salem Oregon can be useful when your claim is a bit more complicated than you initially believed. If you experience any issues while first putting in your claim or find it has been denied for reasons you don’t fully understand, then your attorney can provide you with insight and guidance to see the results you desire.

Medical Examinations

Though you likely have visited a doctor or other medical professional in the time since your accident at work, your company’s insurance provider might require you to go through an exam with one of their doctors. Though it can be frustrating, it is often a vital step in proving that your claim is legitimate.

There are a number of steps to think about taking after you have been involved in a workplace accident. To see success from your claim, give yourself plenty of time to understand the best route for your success.