Why You Should Hire a Lawyer When Dealing With Discrimination

Despite steady advances in American employment law since the 1960s, workplaces of all stripes are still dogged by the issue of discrimination. Discrimination can occur in countless and often subtle ways. If you have suffered or witnessed an act of discrimination at work, you must retain an advocate right away to walk you through making your claim.

Consult an Advisor To Set Up Your Case

Regularly when filing a discrimination complaint, the first hurdle is deciding the nature of your case. The trouble arises from the infinite forms discrimination can take, and in proving an employer’s motives. A discrimination lawyer orlando can immediately identify whether you have a case, and will then be able to determine the legal basis for the charges. Depending on the situation, entitlements to damages may fall under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act, or any number of other protections.

Lawyers Level the Playing Field

You won’t likely win a serious argument with a self-taught crash course in employment law. Professional advocates can site applicable statutes by chapter and section to your employers and their legal counsel, which they will have. It’s only fair that you have a competent fighter in your corner as well.

Attorneys Obtain Compensation for Discrimination

Suing for discrimination is exhausting work. First, a claim must be filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which retains the right to mediate between you and your bosses. If they refuse, you can request authorization to sue the company. A lawyer is a handy guide through the various administrative processes and associated paperwork. When a lawsuit becomes your only option, a lawyer is crucial for filing documents within the government’s strict deadlines and representing your interests in court.

The plague of employment discrimination is insidious. An attorney is like a doctor who knows the cure. One day, with help from a lot of devoted lawyers, we’ll hopefully wipe discrimination out of existence.