Common Workplace Injuries

When people leave their homes in the morning, they don’t expect to get hurt; however, an accident can happen at any time. Some people get hurt on the way to work in the morning. Other people might get hurt on the job. There are a few common injuries that people might suffer while they are at work. It is important for everyone who gets hurt on the job to know where to go for help.

A Herniated Disc in the Back

One of the most common injuries people suffer while on the job is a herniated disc. A herniated disc is a serious back injury that can lead to shooting pains that travel down the arms and legs. These pains develop because the liquid in the back ends up leaking onto the nerves that run through the spine and down the legs. The most common place for a herniated disc to arise is between L3 and L4 in the lumbar vertebrae. In some cases, this injury might even require surgery to correct.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in the Wrist

While many people assume the people who sit at a computer all day are not going to get hurt, they can still develop injuries. One of the most common is called carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome is swelling that takes place in the wrist. In can lead to numbness and tingling in the hand, making it hard for someone to do their job. In some cases, carpal tunnel syndrome might even require surgery. It is important to help injured workers Canonsburg PA.

Seek Medical Care Quickly if Injured

Anyone who is hurt on the job needs to know that trained professionals are willing to lend a helping hand. With proper medical care, people can recover quickly, get back to work, and provide for their families.