Health Law Explained

For the layman, understanding the niche intricacies of any type of law is difficult, much less specific areas of a complex legal code. Health law may be one of the most complex areas because it can deal with everything from doctor-patient relationships to malpractice lawsuits. But whether you’re trying to find an attorney or understand healthcare law Boyds Md, the overall focus of the area and work is usually the same.

Health Law Specializations

Just like with other types of law, there are various specializations an attorney or practice can focus on within health law. The first of the typical five areas is compliance law, which deals with insuring healthcare businesses comply with laws and acts such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) or the Affordable Care Act. This helps to ensure all medical outlets are providing all the care they’re legally required to and helping patients along the way. Another type is medical or healthcare fraud, which is usually practiced by an attorney working for a state or a licensing board. These attorneys make sure people are properly filing with insurance and medical staff are keeping the proper licenses and certifications up to date. Finally, an area most people may feel most familiar with is malpractice and medical tort law. This specialization focuses on people who received medical care and feel it was inadequate or put them at further risk of disease or death. These lawyers work similar to personal injury attorneys, but with a more specific focus.

Familiar Health Laws

You might not think you know anything about health law, but odds are you’re more familiar than you realize. Health law is ubiquitous on the national level with the passing of laws such as the Social Security Amendments or HIPAA.

Health law may seem overwhelming, but with this knowledge and the right lawyer you can get the help you need.