3 Ways an Attorney Works With Children in the Legal System

When parents give up custody rights, have difficulty dealing with wayward children, or find themselves battling for parental custody, the children need an attorney’s help. If you find yourself in the middle of legal problems associated with your children, you should know there are attorney’s that can help you fight your best battle to protect your youths. Here are three ways an attorney works with children in the legal system.


There are three types of adoption programs your attorney can help parents work through when they are adding a new member to the family – foreign adoptions, forfeiting of parental rights adoptions, and domestic adoptions. Each program is very different within the legal system, and while some may take years to clear all the legal hurdles, other adoption programs can be concluded within a few months.


Some divorces can get emotional, and when that happens, there may be a battle over proof of paternity. Your family law Hernando County FL can help with the legal documentation required to prove paternity when the birth certificate isn’t sufficient. If the court orders a DNA test to establish a genetic connection between the child and father, your attorney can help you find a trusted DNA blood testing center.

Child Support

During a long legal battle for divorce, child support can be a topic of heated contention between the custodial and noncustodial parent. In the United States, all children must be supported by a biological parent until they reach the age of 18, or until they declare themselves emancipated at an age approved by the jurisdictional court.

Children can get lost in a legal system if they are not protected by a qualified attorney that cares about what happens to them. If your child needs legal help on any type, contact your lawyer today.