Three Legal Matters to Consider When a New Baby Arrives

The birth of your first child can be an exciting experience filled with wonder and anticipation. If you’re like most parents, you’ve probably spent the past several months preparing for your new baby by stocking up on essentials like diapers, clothes and the latest baby gear. But many new parents neglect to address certain important legal matters that should be taken care of as soon as your child arrives, if not before. While it is difficult for most people to think of, it’s important to ensure that your family is cared for in the event of an unforeseen loss or tragedy.

Drafting a Will for Both Parents

It’s important to create a plan so that your heirs understand how you want your last days handled, as well as all of the assets you may leave behind. With the proper professional guidance, many find that drafting a will beaverton or is a much easier and simpler process than anticipated. Be sure to lay out the details for both parents, not just the primary provider.

Appointing a Loved One as Legal Guardian

Guardianship is a decision that should be taken lightly. Have a serious discussion with your partner about who would be the best person to care for your children if and when you are no longer able to. Remember that this decision may change over time, so be sure to keep your lawyer updated.

Planning Ahead for Trusts and Savings

Many people save for retirement and vacations, but don’t think to establish some type of savings account for their children. Even investing a small startup amount can help you earn interest and dividends over time with little effort. Seek guidance on your best options to help provide for your children in the future.

The busyness that comes with caring for a new baby can be overwhelming and time can get away from you. It’s a good idea to meet with your lawyer before your baby arrives to be sure that they’re cared for in every way once they join your family.