Every Criminal Defense Starts With Paying Bail

Whether you’re charged with a misdemeanor or a felony crime, building a strong defense is crucial to your freedom. If you don’t take the time to defend yourself properly, you’re taking risks with your future and also exposing yourself to fines, penalties, and civil lawsuits. For this reason, it’s important to obtain a release from jail as soon as possible. By using a bail bonds Union County OH, you can ensure you’ll be able to handle your defense more competently.

Even a misdemeanor charge may carry a high bail. The bail is set by a judge and can vary, based on a number of different factors. Often, people just don’t have enough cash available to cover the cost of paying bail, so relying on a bail bonds service is essential. You can trust the service to put up enough money to pay your bail, so you can obtain your release.

A bail bonds service is much like any other lender, except that they loan money for the specific purpose of paying a defendant’s bail. Depending on the amount needed for bail, the defendant, or a loved one of the defendant, may have to provide collateral to the bail bonds service. This can be the deed to real estate or another type of valuable property that can be used to secure the loan. A small fee, which is usually a set percentage of the total bail amount, is paid to the bail bonds company upon making the agreement.

This allows the defendant to be released, so he or she can consult a lawyer, gather evidence, and talk to witnesses in preparing a strong defense. Once the defendant shows up in court on his trial date, the bail money is returned to the bail bonds service and the arrangement is considered complete. The collateral is returned to the family and the defendant is clear of any further obligation to the bail bonds company. Bail bonds companies perform valuable and essential services that help defendants face any criminal charges they may be facing. Without such services, defendants would be unable to adequately pursue their defenses and would be forced to remain in jail until their trial dates.