The Different Types of U.S. Visas

There are many reasons to travel to the United States, whether it’s for a quick vacation or with the hopes of eventual citizenship. A citizenship lawyer Houston TX can help you determine the right visa or green card to apply for that fits your situation.

Extremely Temporary Visas

B-1 visas are typically given to those travelling for business, such as negotiating contracts or attending a conference. B-2 visas are for those visiting on vacation or for a specific medical procedure. Either way, applicants must prove that their travel will be extremely short — no more than a few weeks — and that they will not accept employment in America.

Domestic Employees

B-1 visas also give household workers an entryway into America with their employer. These are laborers employed by a household or individual for the purpose of maintaining a residence. Eligible workers typically include housemaids, cooks, butlers, gardeners and nannies.

Work Visas

Visas in the H- and L-range are designated for temporary foreign workers and their families. These visas require that an employer sponsor the applicant for the duration of their employment. Type O visas go to individuals with extraordinary ability in business, science, the arts, sports or media production, and type P visas are for their support staffs.

Student Visas

F-1 visas are given to students attending an accredited college, high school or private elementary school in the United States. These applicants must be accepted into an institution before they can apply for a visa. An M-1 visa, on the other hand, is for those seeking vocational training in America.

Family Immigration

Citizens or lawful permanent residents who wish to have family members immigrate to the United States must sponsor them and prove that they have enough financial resources to assist any transition to American life. A full list of applicable visas can be found here.

Visiting America can result in many benefits, whether cultural or financial. Make sure to apply for a visa so that you can experience the many opportunities America has to offer.