How to Apply for Social Security Benefits Disability in a Good Way

The SSI hearing, or SSDI hearing, represents what is often the last stage of a months-long process of applying for social security disability financial benefits. At this hearing, you’ll be asked to answer many questions about your health and the documents you’ve submitted. However, before the hearing itself, you’ll need to ensure you’ve done the following prep work.

Adhere to Treatment Plans

A reason to seek benefits in the first place is that you feel so ill work is not possible. You’ve likely been asked to provide evidence of this in the form of doctor’s notes and other medical records. However, remember that treatment plans and recommendations have probably also been submitted. It is essential to listen to a physician’s orders regarding your disability. If you have stopped following the care plan or treatments that a doctor has prescribed, you’ll be asked at the hearing to explain yourself.

If you find a particular treatment to be painful or unhelpful, don’t just stop. Discuss the situation and your doctor can amend their treatment plan to both accurately document your condition and help you.

Don’t Collect Unemployment

Not working can drain savings and create financial and familial stress. Because you’re no longer drawing a salary, unemployment can seem like a good source of income while awaiting decisions about social security disability payments.

This can be a major error. When you use unemployment money, you’re silently making a statement that you can work but do not have adequate career possibilities. The SSI hearing judge will ask for clarification about what you are claiming.

Take Notes

The judge will inquire about your condition and what life is like. They want to understand how your sickness affects working. It will be imperative to be as specific as you can; saying you “don’t feel well” is vague and may not clearly convey how ill you are.

Therefore, before the hearing, take notes frequently about how you feel. Do you have difficulty sitting still without pain, for example? Do you experience headaches every day that make you feel nauseous? Specificity gives the judge an accurate picture of what you go through.

When the date of your hearing finally arrives, you should be in good shape, especially if you’ve used these suggestions. Retain a suitable social security attorney San Antonio has to offer; their guidance can mean approval is easier.