Getting the Green Light For a Green Card

You may have heard that certain immigrant groups qualify for special consideration under current immigration law, but what exactly does that mean? Some immigrants to the U.S. can qualify for permanent residency, or a Green Card, depending on their contributions they have made or will make to the country and their communities. The law regarding employment-based visas is always changing and can be difficult to understand, but here is a quick overview.


Under a provision commonly known as EB-5, those who put substantial money into their community have a path to permanence. Immigrant investors who invest $1 million in a business or commercial enterprise such as real estate qualify under this provision. So do investors who provide half that amount in certain identified areas with high unemployment rates. Lastly, consideration is extended to entrepreneurs who plan to create at least 10 permanent jobs for American workers. However, investment requirements are changing in November so act fast; consult eb5 investor visa houston tx for the latest developments and advice.

Professionals and Skilled Workers

As the name implies, persons with special skills, certifications and degrees may qualify under categories EB-2 and EB-3. Post-graduate degrees, usually master’s or doctorates, are favored under EB-2; some holders of bachelor’s degrees will also qualify depending on their experience in the field. Workers employed in jobs that require a bachelor’s degree or those with two years of specialized training may qualify under the provisions of EB-3 as long as they have an employer willing to sponsor them.

Special Workers and Talents

Under a category known as “special workers,” former employees of the U.S. government, translators, religious ministers and some doctors can apply for Green Cards as part of the EB-4 group. Priority is given to EB-1 applicants who have shown themselves to be extremely talented or accomplished in a valued field. Olympic athletes and Pulitzer Prize winners fall into this category; so do acclaimed scientists, professors and business executives.