Financing Your Own Freedom from Jail

Being arrested and put in jail is an expensive endeavor in more ways than one. While the initial arrest can cost you your immediate freedom, you may realize at first how costly it will be to secure your release. It is not until you appear before a judge at your arraignment hearing that you discover how much you will actually need to pay in order to get out of jail.

When you do not have that much money in your bank account, you might believe you have to stay in jail until your next court date. However, if you can come up with 10 percent of the stipulated bail amount, you might be able to bond out and go home to wait for your next court appearance. By arranging for a short term loan, advance on a paycheck, or bail bonds pittsburgh defendant’s like you could pay the required amount and be free in less than a day’s time.

24 Hour Help

When you have been arrested during the overnight hours or on the weekend, you may think that you have to wait until the next business day to contact a bail bonds agent. In reality, these agents work 24 hours a day even on the holidays and weekends. Many of them have cell phones or beepers on them that will alert them to when a potential client needs help.

With that, you can make a phone call immediately after you have been booked in jail regardless of what time of day or night it is. The bail bonds agent will answer your phone call and then talk with you about what kind of help you are needing at that point.

You might not know what kind of bail you need to post if you call before your arraignment hearing. You may not need to know the precise dollar amount, however. The bail bond agent can show up to your arraignment hearing, listen to the bond or bail amount set by the judge, and then post it immediately after the hearing is finished so you can go home faster.