4 Things To Do Before You File for Divorce

When preparing for a divorce, tensions and emotions run high and it is challenging to keep a clear head. However, it is important to consider some things before you officially file with the court system.

Be Certain That Divorce is Truly What You Want

Divorce is a serious matter, and is very hard to rebound from if your feelings change and you want to stay with your partner. Before you even search for a Tampa divorce lawyer or think about legalities, ensure that you are certain that this is the path you want to go down.

Interview Multiple Attorneys

If divorce is what you think is best, speak with multiple attorneys before settling on one. Make sure you get all important questions answered, particularly ones pertaining to strategy with your case, and how long and expensive the process will be. In some states, once you speak with an attorney, your spouse cannot retain them, so keep this in mind during your research.

Decide on a Living Situation

Before proceedings start, you should have a plan in place regarding where each person is going to live during and after the divorce. Do you want your spouse to move out, or will you go elsewhere? Make an official decision as soon as you can so that there is no drama and confusion once proceedings begin.

Don’t Draw Unnecessary Attention

Even if it is common knowledge that your marriage is ending, do not be irresponsible in celebrating the single life too early. Acting out only draws the wrong kind of attention your way, and in some states, dating while still technically married is considered adultery and can adversely affect your case.

Dealing with a divorce is never easy. As long as you approach the process as well-informed and prepared as possible, things will go smoothly.

How To Choose the Right Divorce Lawyer

If you’re facing a divorce, it probably goes without saying that it’s hard to tell whether you’re coming or going most days. Saying that you aren’t sure where to turn for help is definitely an understatement, but a good Tampa divorce lawyer should be toward the top of your list. Keep the following considerations in mind as you evaluate your options to ensure a choice you’ll be happy with.

Know Your Needs

Some divorces are definitely more complicated than others, so think about where yours probably falls on the scale. A couple without children, shared property, accumulated assets, or much money in the bank is naturally going to have a less complicated divorce than a couple who has to worry about all of those things in spades. The more there is at stake, the more likely you are to need a bigger firm or a more experienced lawyer in your corner fighting for your best interests.

Find a Specialist

Regardless of the intricacy of your divorce, make sure you hire a lawyer who specializes in divorce or family law. Even an experienced lawyer with a great track record isn’t going to be of much use to you if he rarely handles divorces. You don’t necessarily have to hire someone who only handles divorces, but you’ll definitely want someone who does so on a very regular basis.

Do Your Homework

In addition to researching the lawyer you’re considering to make sure he’s up to snuff professionally, you’ll want to interview him directly as well. Is he able to answer your questions to your satisfaction, and is he experienced in regards to any sticky issues you may be facing over the course of your divorce proceedings? Are his rates reasonable? Did he leave you feeling confident in his ability to handle your case?

At the end of the day, hiring a divorce lawyer is like hiring any other professional. You want to make sure you have the right person for the job before you sign on the dotted line.