First Steps After Domestic Violence

Going through a domestic violence situation is usually not easy. Hiring an attorney who specializes in this field can help to provide some kind of protection while easing your mind about the punishments that the person who committed the act will face in court. When you begin talking to a domestic violence attorney Hillsborough County offers, you should be prepared to give as much information about the incident as possible. If there are any medical reports pertaining to injuries, then these need to be given to the attorney as well because they will help your case when you go to court.

Although you might feel like you’re trapped because of the domestic incident, an attorney can offer several options for you to consider. One is to take out a restraining order against the person who committed the act. Another would be to file charges against that person. If you fear that the person will retaliate if you file charges, then consider talking to a police officer who can arrest the person so that you have some time to figure out where to stay until you go to court. Sometimes, your attorney can go to court for you so that you don’t have to face your attacker.

Once the restraining order and the lawsuit have been filed, an attorney can help you begin the process of filing for a divorce if you are married to the person who attacked you. Sometimes, mediation is an option to consider if you think that you can work out your differences. However, if there is a history of violence in the relationship or there are signs that other actions could occur in the future, then you might want to pursue charges to protect yourself as well as your children and other family members. If you have children, then an attorney can help you work on a case for child custody and support so that they are cared for properly.