4 Questions To Ask If Considering a Divorce Attorney

While some couples experience a clean, quick divorce with few hang-ups, this is not the case for everyone. There are some situations where seeking a divorce attorney Altamonte Springs FL is necessary to protect you, your assets, and your relationship with your children. If you aren’t sure whether or not working with a lawyer is necessary for your divorce, here are four important questions to ask yourself:

1. Do You Feel Unsafe?

If there is any history of violence or abuse in your relationship, it is possible that you may fear for your safety while going through the divorce or it may be difficult to make a fair deal. It is highly recommended to get legal help in this situation to prevent intimidation or fear from getting in the way of negotiation.

2. Is Your Spouse Hiring an Attorney?

If your spouse if hiring an attorney, you should seek legal services right away. It is not wise to try and defend yourself in court without the proper representation when matched against a professional.

3. Is Your Spouse Being Cooperative?

If going through a messy divorce where agreements over assets and other belongings can’t be made, seeking legal counsel can help you and your spouse come to an agreement despite heightened emotions. It is not uncommon for vengeance and hurt to get in the way of coming to a fair deal.

4. Are You and Your Spouse in Agreement Over Child Custody?

If children are involved in the process, a lawyer can help couples negotiate child custody and visitation rights. Since there are many situations where both parents want custody over the children, a legal custody battle is often necessary.

While everyone hopes for a simple divorce, some cases are often unavoidably messy. In these situations, seeking legal help is essential for allowing both parties fair representation.

4 Things To Do Before You File for Divorce

When preparing for a divorce, tensions and emotions run high and it is challenging to keep a clear head. However, it is important to consider some things before you officially file with the court system.

Be Certain That Divorce is Truly What You Want

Divorce is a serious matter, and is very hard to rebound from if your feelings change and you want to stay with your partner. Before you even search for a Tampa divorce lawyer or think about legalities, ensure that you are certain that this is the path you want to go down.

Interview Multiple Attorneys

If divorce is what you think is best, speak with multiple attorneys before settling on one. Make sure you get all important questions answered, particularly ones pertaining to strategy with your case, and how long and expensive the process will be. In some states, once you speak with an attorney, your spouse cannot retain them, so keep this in mind during your research.

Decide on a Living Situation

Before proceedings start, you should have a plan in place regarding where each person is going to live during and after the divorce. Do you want your spouse to move out, or will you go elsewhere? Make an official decision as soon as you can so that there is no drama and confusion once proceedings begin.

Don’t Draw Unnecessary Attention

Even if it is common knowledge that your marriage is ending, do not be irresponsible in celebrating the single life too early. Acting out only draws the wrong kind of attention your way, and in some states, dating while still technically married is considered adultery and can adversely affect your case.

Dealing with a divorce is never easy. As long as you approach the process as well-informed and prepared as possible, things will go smoothly.