How Long Does it Take to Get a Bond Hearing?

When the police arrest you and take you into custody, you may remain in jail until your bail hearing. During the hearing, the judge will look at your charge and past history as well as other factors to determine how much you need to pay to get out. A bail bonds company will cover the cost of your bond and charge you a fee for this service. Before contacting one of these companies for help though, you may want to find out how long it takes to get a bond hearing.

State Laws

The length of time between your arrest and hearing will vary based on where you live. Some states have a rule that requires anyone arrested get a hearing within 24 to 72 hours. Other states require that the police charge you with a crime and notify you of that charge within this time period or release you. The court will not schedule a bond hearing until you have an official charge.

Court Backlog

One of the factors that will determine how long it takes to get a bond hearing is the backlog of the court. If the court has a number of cases on the docket, it may take longer before you go in front of the judge. Though you might have a bond hearing within days of your arrest, it can take weeks before you see the judge and go over your case. With lesser charges, the police station may work to help you get a bond hearing the same day as your arrest.

At the Hearing

A bond bearing should really only take a few minutes. The judge will look at the facts of your case and ask you a few simple questions. Those charged with rape, murder and more serious crimes will face a higher bond amount of $100,000 or more. Others may receive a bond amount of $50,000 or less. To learn more about how the bond process works and to find a bondsman who can post bond for you or a loved one, click here.