4 Careers Where Bilingual People Serve the Greater Good

Speaking more than one language is a gift, and a very useful one when it comes to deciding on a profession. Because of this specific skill, bilingual people are often sought after for certain fields that help people in need. Here are four careers where bilingual people admirably serve the greater good.

Bilingual Attorneys

Your right to legal representation in the United States is protected by the Constitution. Everyone deserves legal counsel, but for people that speak a language other than English, they may hesitate to get the help they need out of fear and confusion. Finding bilingual lawyers Hartford CT take the frightening aspects out of law and defend the rights of everyone regardless of their native tongue.

Social Workers

Social workers serve in many capacities assisting families and individuals in need. These services include mental health, domestic abuse and even getting basic needs like food and utilities. It’s important that everyone have access to these services including those in culturally diverse areas. Bilingual social workers are an integral part of these agencies.

Healthcare Professionals

When dealing with an emergency in healthcare, every second counts. Being able to communicate with patients is vital because a language barrier can literally be the difference between life and death. When information is critical, bilingual doctors and nurses can help save lives. They also explain procedures, medications and offer support to people that might otherwise face a medical crisis alone.

Travel and Tourism

On the other end of the spectrum, travel is usually a happy occasion. The economy depends on tourism dollars and in many areas, bilingual workers are detrimental to the market. Flight attendants, hotel workers and customs agents that speak more than one language can assist thousands of people every day. Without them, the industry would lose a monumental percentage of its customers.

Noble Endeavors

Speaking a second language has great job potential. Whether offering legal, medical or social services, using this talent to serve the greater good is an especially desirable asset and a noble endeavor.