You Can Get Your Bond Money Back

If you have posted bail, you can get that money returned to you. Bail should never be seen as a form of punishment. In almost all situations, you should see the money returned. Here are a few things to know about bail bonds.

Bail Release

A person can be released from custody with a bond. They are released and must attend every court date. When the case has concluded, the bond money will be returned. This repayment will depend on the jurisdiction and the type of bail used. It may be harder to get your money back from a federal court. They do not automatically release bail money at the conclusion of a case. A petition must be filed by the payer to initiate the release of the funds. This process happens with both property and cash bonds. You should never assume you will get the full amount of bond back from the court. They will charge you an administrative fee to post bail.

Bail Forfeiture

Bail forfeiture happens when a defendant fails to appear in court. The bond guarantees that the person will make a court appearance. If they do not show up in court, you run the risk of losing 100 percent of the bail.

Bail Violation and Failure to Appear

A non-court appearance most likely means a bail forfeiture. There is a chance that you can appeal this decision. If the defendant had a medical emergency, they can file a petition for bond reinstatement. A petition does not always guarantee that you will get your money back from the courts.

Getting Your Bail Returned from a Bail Bond Agent

If you used a bond agent’s service, you will be required to pay a fee. You will sign an agreement with the company. When the defendant agrees to the condition of the bond, you will have your money returned. The administrative fees will not be returned though.

Your money can be returned when you post bail. You can search for bail bonds near me and find qualified companies to help you.