How to Know You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being accused or charged with a crime isn’t something anyone ever wants to deal with. This can bring almost unbearable stress and uncertainty, as your future can be in the balance. Of course, you want the best possible outcome and a favorable case. There are some obvious signs you need a legal professional on your side and that this situation requires much more than what you can do on your own.

You Face the Possibility of Serving Jail Time

With some criminal charges, the likely outcome is a fine or probation. In these cases, you might be all right to move forward without a lawyer in your corner. However, in more serious situations where jail time in on the table, you don’t want to risk being without a professional. An experienced, talented criminal defense lawyer in Houston is your best source for help when you know you may be on the verge of going to jail. A lawyer has the knowledge of the laws and regulations with your case and may be able to negotiate sentence reductions.

You’re Not an Expert

Unless you have experience practicing law yourself, you probably don’t want to go into a trial or sentencing without legal counsel by your side. While you have the right to represent yourself, there’s no reason to do this when you can hire someone will specialized expertise with the factors of your case. Legal issues can be complicated and are probably well beyond your knowledge and level of comfort. A qualified lawyer is accustomed to helping people in your exact situation.

You Know You Have a Solid Case

The best criminal defense attorneys will build a strong case for you. This person knows mitigating factors and areas that can work in your favor. He or she will explore scenarios you wouldn’t know about on your own.

It’s unwise to proceed in a legal matter on your own, especially a criminal one. If any of these situations sound familiar, call a competent lawyer today.