Immigration Lawyer in Altamonte Springs, FL

Immigration Lawyer in Altamonte Springs, FL

Immigration can be a difficult process. Today, it seems to be more challenging for immigrants to acquire citizenship or visas to work or live in the United States. Because of this, many immigrants are entering the United States illegally so that they can avoid the complications of becoming a legal immigrant. Of course, this isn’t the best choice because you can face legal issues or deportation if the government learns of your illegal immigrant status. This is why it’s becoming increasingly important to hire an immigration lawyer in altamonte springs.

Immigration Areas

Below are the immigration areas. The ones you’ll need will, of course, depend on your unique situation.

  • Employment Visas: If you’re a citizen of another country and you desire to work in the United States, then you’ll likely need an employment visa. Or you may simply need a visa for an extended business trip. Whatever the case, your immigration lawyer can advise you on applying for different types of employment visas.
  • Family Visas: If you and multiple family members want to join a relative who’s a permanent resident or citizen, then you may need a family visa. With mutliple people trying to obtain a visa, the process becomes even more complex. An experienced lawyer who is well-versed in Florida immigration law can help make the process less complicated.
  • Green Cards: Officially known as a Permanent Resident Card, a “green card” represents your permanent status as a resident. Obtaining your green card can be a long, grueling, and complicated process, a process you shouldn’t endure alone and without legal aid.

Getting Through the Difficult Immigration Process

Throughout your immigration journey, it’s usually best to consult with an immigration lawyer for help and advice along the way. Your lawyer can also assist you in starting the application process to help ensure faster processing and approval.

Getting the Green Light For a Green Card

You may have heard that certain immigrant groups qualify for special consideration under current immigration law, but what exactly does that mean? Some immigrants to the U.S. can qualify for permanent residency, or a Green Card, depending on their contributions they have made or will make to the country and their communities. The law regarding employment-based visas is always changing and can be difficult to understand, but here is a quick overview.


Under a provision commonly known as EB-5, those who put substantial money into their community have a path to permanence. Immigrant investors who invest $1 million in a business or commercial enterprise such as real estate qualify under this provision. So do investors who provide half that amount in certain identified areas with high unemployment rates. Lastly, consideration is extended to entrepreneurs who plan to create at least 10 permanent jobs for American workers. However, investment requirements are changing in November so act fast; consult eb5 investor visa houston tx for the latest developments and advice.

Professionals and Skilled Workers

As the name implies, persons with special skills, certifications and degrees may qualify under categories EB-2 and EB-3. Post-graduate degrees, usually master’s or doctorates, are favored under EB-2; some holders of bachelor’s degrees will also qualify depending on their experience in the field. Workers employed in jobs that require a bachelor’s degree or those with two years of specialized training may qualify under the provisions of EB-3 as long as they have an employer willing to sponsor them.

Special Workers and Talents

Under a category known as “special workers,” former employees of the U.S. government, translators, religious ministers and some doctors can apply for Green Cards as part of the EB-4 group. Priority is given to EB-1 applicants who have shown themselves to be extremely talented or accomplished in a valued field. Olympic athletes and Pulitzer Prize winners fall into this category; so do acclaimed scientists, professors and business executives.

Getting More from a Workers Comp Claim

If you have been injured at work, then you might be trying to put in a claim through your company’s insurance. While these types of claims are commonplace, insurance agencies are not always easy to deal with. To prove your claim is legitimate, you might need to take a few steps in advance. Take a look at these suggestions to make the right decisions and see the best results from this experience.

Immediate Action

The worst thing you can do after an accident in the workplace is wait to report or document it. The moment you receive an injury, you need to report the incident to the proper supervisors. When a claim comes in later than an injury occurred, it is often a red flag for insurance agencies. Document and report everything immediately to see the best results.

Legal Assistance

There also might be a need to bring a legal expert into the mix. Hiring a workers compensation attorney Salem Oregon can be useful when your claim is a bit more complicated than you initially believed. If you experience any issues while first putting in your claim or find it has been denied for reasons you don’t fully understand, then your attorney can provide you with insight and guidance to see the results you desire.

Medical Examinations

Though you likely have visited a doctor or other medical professional in the time since your accident at work, your company’s insurance provider might require you to go through an exam with one of their doctors. Though it can be frustrating, it is often a vital step in proving that your claim is legitimate.

There are a number of steps to think about taking after you have been involved in a workplace accident. To see success from your claim, give yourself plenty of time to understand the best route for your success.

When You Witness a Car Accident – Do You or Don’t You?

You heard the screeching of the brakes and turned just in time to see one vehicle plow into the rear end of another car stopped at a red light. You can see that both automobiles are badly damaged, and you wonder if the occupants are okay. Here are some dos and don’ts if you are witness to a vehicle accident.

Do Call 911

As soon as possible, dial 911 and report the accident. Give details about the vehicles involved and the location of the collision. Provide the dispatcher with any information he or she requests and stay at the scene until police arrive so you can provide a witness statement.

Do Be Safe

You don’t know the mental or physical state the victims are in, so unless you are a doctor or EMT, don’t rush into the scene of the accident to help anyone. Wait on the sidelines until the police arrive. If you see someone walk into the middle of traffic and collapse, try to let coming drivers know of the dangerous situation ahead.

Do Collect Information

Collect as much information as you can about the vehicles and the drivers. If possible, take photos of both. This can be especially helpful if one of the vehicles leaves the scene of the accident without providing any information to the other party. If asked, provide the name of a car accident lawyer Orlando.

Don’t Be a Hero

Don’t try to stop anyone from leaving the scene. Don’t put yourself in danger by contradicting anyone about the information they are providing. Don’t try to pull someone out of a burning car – unless you are a firefighter.

Don’t Offer Aid

If someone experiences a life-threatening injury, don’t attempt to provide emergency aid unless you have medical training and licensing. Instead, ask the 911 dispatcher to send emergency medical personnel to the scene.

Being a witness to a vehicle accident can be a shocking event, especially is someone is seriously injured. Legally, it is your choice whether to provide a witness statement or to go home. What will you choose?

Strange and Interesting Facts About Bail Bonds

If you have never been in trouble with the law, never been arrested, or don’t know anyone that has, you may not know much about bail bonds and how they work to help the judicial system ensure people return for court appearances. They can also help people get out of jail instead of spending several days waiting for a court attendance. Here are some strange and interesting facts about bails bonds you probably never knew.

Who Can Get Bail?

There are some arrested individuals that are not entitled to be released on bail. Those include suspects that are accused of violent crimes, crimes against children, or high-risk individuals. Those defendants are kept in custody at the jail until their hearing date.

Who Can Post Bail?

Anyone can post your bail, but your bail bonds Stroudsburg PA bondsperson can not negotiate your bail. He or she is only allowed to pay the full bail amount, and then he or she can collect a fee of around 10 percent of the total. Most of the time, the bail amount charged for a crime is set by the state, not an arbitrary number from the judge.

Who Can Decide Bail?

Although the bail amount is state or federally determined, the judge does have the discretion to award leniency if it is warranted by the first offense rule, if the defendant is elderly, or there is a question if the crime took place.

Who Can Get Re-jailed?

If you are out on bail and the restrictions or rules the court asked you to comply with are not followed, you can easily end up back in jail. When that happens, there is no chance for a secondary bail release. The most common reasons defendants end up re-jailed is due to drugs, alcohol, or gun possession.

These are only four of the strange and interesting facts associated with bail bonds. The next time you play a trivia game, and the subject of bail comes up, you will have all the answers!